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Nadia Mishakova - CEO, founder Elizabeth & Anna. He has two higher education art and culturological (RGGU), as well as additional in design and architecture (Moscow Architectural Institute). Since 2000, has successfully worked in leading interior design companies in Moscow, worked her professional way up from designer-decorator to the head of interior design showrooms. Leads a team of professional architects, designers and decorators.

"Why you are so called? What's in a name? That which we call Elizabeth&Anna?" - We hear this question often. First of all Elizabeth and Anna are imperial names with which the whole epochs of great European powers are connected: Russia, France and England. From school-days we remember the queen of France Anne of Kiev or Anna Yaroslavna - Yaroslav I the Wise daughter, its marriage with Henry I - the first considerable mark in Franco-Russian relations.The reign of Elizabeth I is commonly referred to as "the Golden Age of England". Elizabeth II - the reigning queen and the head of the state the United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Elizabeth of Russia or Elizaveta Petrovna - a Russian empress. And this list can be continued.

Architecture, interiors, fashion - all these concepts inseparably linked with epochs of reigns not only the mentioned queens and empresses. Almost all styles are associated with their names - Louis Quatorze, Louis Quinze, Louis Seize, Victorian style, Empire style etc. What is our main source of ideas and inspiration. On the other hand, it doesn't mean that we work only in classical styles. We live in the modern world, in the world of mass culture, high technologies. For this reason it is important for us to underline individuality and royal originality of every work, every client.